Purchase a Wind Power Cube

We are very close to offering our product to the public. The only thing holding up production is getting our inventory financing completed. Once we have financing in place, we will be able to begin accepting orders.

Our first product offering will be a 6 foot turbine. This unit fits through a standard 36" doorway and most service elevators. Perfect for commercial buildings!

Product Description
Module Dimensions: 6'8"h x 6'8"w x 6"d
Turbine: 6' diameter, 11 blades
Color: Arctic White
Weight: approx. 110lbs
Wind: 10mph to 110mph
Output: 300 watts to 3,000+ watts, rectified DC wild voltage

Frame construction: heavy (1/8") 6"x2.5" structural aluminum channel
Front/Back skin: heavy FRP (RV type)
Blades: bi-directional aluminum with rod reinforcement
Bearings: Full Ceramic (lifetime no lube, extremely low friction)
Mounting: Comes with 1/4-20 threaded stainless steel rivnuts on all 4 sides
Connection: Multi-Contact MC4 solar style electrical connectors
All structural components are either aluminum or stainless steel
All parts are coated inside and out to protect from weather

Optional center pivot bearing assembly available for ~180 degree wind rotation

We plan on building both larger (10-12') and smaller (4') modules, soon. The module can be scaled to any reasonable size. Contact us if you have specific requirements.

If you would like us to notify you when the modules are ready for ordering, please use the Contact Us form located on the right side of the web page.