About Wind Power Cube, Inc.

Wind Power Cube, Inc. is a manufacturer dedicated to promoting, producing, distributing and selling a newly patented green technology for the production of energy from the wind.

We consider our product to be an alternative to existing wind energy generation. Our energy generation is comparable, size for size, with competitive products. It's how we do it, that makes us different.

Products are manufactured by in-house personnel at it's Northern Virginia headquarters and manufacturing facilities. Materials, based on cost and shipping distance, are sourced locally or regionally whenever possible. Wherever possible, we attempt to be U.S. Made and U.S. sourced. All materials used are selected for quality, strength and weather durability.

Wind Power Cube, Inc. sells it's wind module globally through direct sales and web sales. However, we welcome any opportunity to work with and partner with energy consultants and energy companies throughout the world.

The global market for wind energy is huge. We offer a product that is attractive to many regions of the world, because it is self contained and can be installed anywhere without a tower. Millions of urban and suburban commercial buildings present a completely untapped market of potential sites for energy generation from the wind on top. Millions of cell towers need a source of power that can withstand any storm. And, the wind farm market, all with the same noisy, dangerous, expensive gigantic turbines is ripe for a high-wind, safer, quieter and more environmentally friendly solution.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide an eco-friendly, cost effective, high performance, safe, wind turbine that will provide energy anywhere in extreme wind conditions.

We will only put the Wind Power Cube name on top quality, long lasting products.

The Team

Daniel E. Morrison - President, Founder, Director

Dan is the inventor of the patented wind turbine. His primary focus is on business management, materials, methods and product technical production issues. He believes in building a top quality product with attention to manufacturing efficiency. His work researching advanced methods and materials has resulted in a solid and scalable product suitable for in-house manufacture.

In 1996 he founded Hi-Tech Solutions, Inc. and serves as president. The firm provides computer telephony cloud services such as IVR, fax and voice mail to global clients via multiple web products. His responsibilities include business management and technical product software development.

Prior computer career positions were as government contractor consultant,VP R&D, IT manager, product and project management for various large West coast companies. Through out his 30 year computer career, Dan has always held technical positions of responsibility and creativity, requiring the ability to work with others towards a common goal.

Starting out at an early age in the family construction business helped develop skills, an attention to detail and a good work ethic. By age 23, he held a master electricians license and was president of a mid-sized electrical contracting firm. He served as an officer in several trade organizations. He is also a licensed pilot.

Michael C. Morrison - CAD Engineer, New Business, Director

Michael, who has been supporting product R&D since the beginning, is responsible for technical design engineering and product promotion. His AutoDesk Inventor 3D expertise allows the firm to provide accurate parts drawings and perform motion simulation and stress analysis.

Using the 3D designs he is responsible for operation of the CAD/CAM software for the CNC plasma and CNC milling machines to provide accurate materials cutting. He also works with area vendors for various outsourced services and is currently responsible for unit assembly.

Michael has given Wind Power Cube product presentations to area companies and spoken at several local organization meetings. He also provides the web site development and marketing materials.

Since 2005 he has worked at Hi-Tech Solutions, Inc. as a software engineer, developing advanced web sites and supporting web product customers. He is also responsible for the companies social media and web marketing.

Michael holds a BS in Information Technology and a minor in business from George Mason University. He is a participant in monthly Capital Technology Management Hub meetings. He is also an avid golfer, hockey player and bassist.

Michela Morrison - Secretary/Treasurer

Michela serves as secretary/treasurer and is responsible for all accounting, A/R, A/P, payroll and office operations. She is also responsible for book keeping, working with the firms CPA and banking relations.

She has also served as secretary/treasurer of Hi-Tech Solutions, Inc. since 1996. Her accounting and office skills have been key to the success of the company. Michela performs all daily office operations including credit card processing, A/R, A/P and banking. She is responsible for the companies book keeping, in-house payroll processing and employee health insurance. Her diligence and attention to detail have been invaluable.

Michela has over 30 years of accounting experience. Prior positions have been in A/P for an aerospace manufacturer and A/P manager for the corporate offices of a Manhattan big name fashion shoe retailer. Her passion is cooking Italian food.

New Positions

Wind Power Cube, Inc. will be adding additional employees as we ramp up our production. We have several key individuals lined up for Production Manager, National Sales and Marketing positions. As well as production and assembly.